Greenhouse Perth

You know those restaurants that you read about, look at pictures of and tell yourself you want to try? Greenhouse in the Perth CBD was one of them. I met up with Sibby today and we both had Greenhouse on our restaurant wish list so we decided to give it a go. The concept was fantastic and the overall appearance of the place was very cool. It had rows and rows of pot plants covering the exterior and wooden crates for furniture. I think we were already sold from it’s appearance.

Of course with our great timing, we arrived there too late for breakfast and a bit too early for lunch. So we went upstairs to their bar and ordered a latte and juice while we waited till noon. The top area was quite nice and was surrounded by a lot of raised garden beds with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables growing. It was an airy open area and there were perfect views of the concrete jungle.

For lunch Sibby feasted on the pasta which had squid, chillies, tomatoes and herbs whilst I had the chicken and ginger broth with sweet corn and broken rice. I asked Sibby what broken rice was and she said it’s probably mushed up rice. I laughed at her response but ultimately she was right. The food was fresh and delicious but it was rather pricey. We haven’t decided whether we like it or not yet but we do intend to go back and try out their breakfast menu. It’s definitely worth going to experience dining in an unconventional setting. Oh and the staff are friendly which helps.

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