Should I Workout Today?

I don’t look forward to today. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday means I have a Les Mills Body Attack class to attend before I can proceed to Wednesday. For those of you unfamiliar with Body Attack I shall write out it’s description as per Fitness First’s timetable.

“Simple, athletic and electric. A high energy program combining hi & lo impact moves and combinations, organised action and strength phases.” 

When they say “high energy” they really mean high energy. I have a love/hate relationship with Body Attack. I love the feeling when the hour is up and I go home tired, sore and sweaty. I hate the effort I have to put in to get to that point. Before I started attending, I use to watch other people do the class and tell myself I would not make it past the warm-up. I did almost die in the warm-up of the first session. I think I forgot to breathe due to the intensity of it. And by the end of the class I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. But somehow I went back the following week and twelve classes later, I’m still going.

However every Tuesday about an hour before the class, almost without fail my mind would start making excuses as to why I shouldn’t go to the class.

“It’s too hot.” or “It’s too cold.”

“I’m too tired.”

“There’s too much traffic on the roads. I won’t get there in time.”

“I should just workout on the cross trainer.” 

“I’ll probably die in Body Attack.”

“I already went last week.”

“I just ate.”

“My body hurts.”

And the list goes on. And on. And on.

Yes I wish I had as many bright ideas as I have excuses not to workout! Excuses flood my head in seconds! So while pinning things on Pinterest I found this little diagram:

Go workout!

It’s a pretty funny diagram but I’ve actually printed this out and stuck it on my pinboard on top of my gym timetable. I think it guilt trips me if I don’t go because of laziness! Sometimes it’s just too hard to find that motivation to workout and too easy to make excuses and talk yourself out of it. I found with me that the moment I talk myself out of training for a day, it will lead to a few days and then a whole week of not going to the gym. And the next thing I know it’s been six months since I last had a proper workout. And getting back into it is a pain! There’s something that the instructor once said that has stuck in my head:

“Don’t think of exercise as torturing yourself, think of it as loving your body.”  

I’ve had to change my mindset and think of exercise as a lifestyle rather than a chore. It’s not easy but it can be done. I’ve stuck to my regime of training 4-6 days a week for nearly three months now which is quite an achievement for me. In the past it usually only lasted one or two months before I let the excuses win. I’ve also conquered my fear of Body Attack, and as much as it pains me, I secretly love it and will continue on with it. You just need to find something to motivate you and keep you going, even if it’s a silly little diagram you found on Pinterest. 🙂

Good luck and Happy Body Attacking!

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