L’amour des Lapins: My Labour of Love

I thought I might do a bit of self-advertising here and let you all know that the stationery label I’ve always wanted to start is finally up and almost running! (If you know me well enough you would have heard me talk about “wanting to start” this for the last 5 or 6 years). It only took me a “few” years but yes, it’s much “anticipated” arrival is finally here. It’s called L’amour des Lapins (I’m still working on how to pronounce it properly myself. Must go to consult my French speaking cousin about this) and it literally means “love of rabbits”. Why the name? I say why not. There has been many different options for names for the label throughout the years but thanks to me being an indecisive Libra, each year I would look at the name I had, disliked it and crossed it out with disgust written over my face. I finally settled for this name because it’s the first one I can read over again and not personally hate. I worked hard to design a good logo but eventually I just wanted something to represent me and my work. Thus, the logo is just my stationery label name written in my handwriting.

Just a bit of useless info: I recently ordered a customised rubber stamp with my handwritten logo on it and it looks pretty amazing! I love that there’s a stamp with my handwriting in it, makes me feel just that tiny bit more important in my head.

So I’m still in the baby stages of my business and I’m putting off learning about all the paperwork and groundwork for building a business. I know I really should get on with that first but I just want to do the fun stuff! I’ve been up until 2-3am everyday working on the stationery for my business and right now I’m starting to feel a bit zombie-ish at this ungodly hour. It really is a labour of love. I calculated I would have to sell at least six cards an hour for eight hours a day to earn the equivalent of a minimum wage . That’s 48 cards to sell a day…so far I’ve made about thirty and that has taken me all week! I think after experiencing this, my appreciation for other designers has increased million-fold (except for those who retrieve two stock photos found on Google, paste it into Photoshop and print it out on stingy paper stock and try to sell it at $10 a card). But I am in full support of genuine artists and designers who love what they do and it shows through their work. It’s those works where you can justify to yourself why you just paid $100 for a small cushion you will never use.

Anyways, the point of this post was to tell you that I have a website and blog you can visit for L’amour des Lapins. I haven’t got an online shop yet but I’m hoping to get one set up soon. The website is incomplete by the way. It’s actually really frustrating designing and uploading websites. Did you know if you use a font that you have on your computer but the person who is visiting your site doesn’t have the font installed, your words will turn out in boring Times New Roman or worse, some  unknown B-grade font therefore undoing all that hard work you put into making your website? Therefore you will have to open up a billion other programs, convert your words into an image (.gif or .png will give you a clear background) and then place it as an image onto your webpage and hope to God it doesn’t turn out blurry, which nine times out of ten it will. Then you will have to go back and keep re-saving different versions to find one that is suitable. I’m not even going to go into the uploading onto the server and FTP stuff. Oh it feels so good to let go of that frustration! And that my friends, is why I haven’t completely finished my website 🙂

You can visit the site at: www.lamourdeslapins.com (I’ve even linked it so you just have to click…)

The blog is attached to the website or you can visit it at: lamourdeslapins.wordpress.com

Thanks very much for reading and I really, really appreciate your support!!!

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