Sweet Ideas!

I decided to start a new category on this blog called “Sweet Ideas”. I really love the idea of using old stuff and up-cycling it to make it something completely different and useful. Or even using cheap everyday items to make something that you would normally have to pay lots of money for. And I will have to thank Pinterest for this category as most of the stuff I post will be from there. I will link the pictures/ideas to their original source so you can see the whole article. 🙂

1. Reuse old lightbulbs to make plant vases – Free People (Source link)











2. Up-cycling a pallet to become an outside table – Joy Ever After (Source link)








3. Using bread clips as electrical cord markers – Apartment Therapy (Source link)











4. Tic Tac container used for bobby pins – All Things Loved (Source link)











5. An old oatmeal can transformed into a headband holder – Lyssa Beth (Source Link)











6. Old Twinings tea cans as planters – Lets Drift Away (Source link)











7. Bread holder used as a charging station – Better Homes and Gardens (Source link)









8. Photoframe used as a key holder – Shelterness (Source link)











9. Wine barrel made into a coffee table – Bliss Event Photography (Source link)











10. This one isn’t up-cycled but it’s still pretty awesome! It’s a nightstand/doghouse! – Dwell (Source link)

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  1. I’d love to try and make a coffee table out of pallets! Love that idea!!

    From Brooklyn with love,


    • I agree, it looks awesome doesn’t it! I also really love that doghouse/nightstand idea! Thankyou for dropping by! 🙂

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thankyou for dropping by! No worries, I’m very appreciative of clever ideas and very happy to share (especially info that makes life a bit easier and cheaper!) 🙂


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