Du Jour

I attended the Perth Upmarket last weekend at UWA and was very impressed at the handmade items for sale and glorious gourmet food on offer. If only I had my own pantry to fill with all the delicious jams, chutneys, spices and different salts! I ended up buying two cook books and they were almost two of the best I have ever bought. The one I am going to post about is called Du Jour – Easy but glamorous recipes for every occasion. The book is written and designed by Kristen Watts, Amanda Walsh and Kath Ryding with contribution from a few chefs. 

I have to confess, I do judge a book by it’s cover – literally speaking. (I’m a lover of beautiful aesthetics, I blame it on being a Libra). If it has a less than impressive cover, I will look at the title to give it a second chance. If it has an unappealing title, I will not look at it until someone recommends it to me.

In the case of Du Jour, it had me at the front cover. This picture doesn’t do it justice but the cover is shiny (metallic shiny) AND tactile (the patterns have textures you can touch).

I like you, Du Jour.

The internal layout of the book is beautiful and easy to read with pretty pictures. The recipes are simple, easy to follow and not very long-winded like the ones you find in some fancy cook books. Not to mention they look and sound delicious!! I haven’t made anything from the book yet but when I do, I will be sure to write about it here!

Can't go wrong with pretty patterns and food quotes

Delicious, simple and no-fuss. Bliss!