teapot 4 two is a blog on the random everyday musings of two childhood friends, Cassie and Sibby. We get our inspiration from art, design, music, literature, food, life and observing the world. We hope you enjoy our contemplations and share with us our experiences as we scribble down our thoughts.

Cassie. IdealistDesignerQuirky and Simple. I love to daydream and fill my head with thoughts of pretty things and vivid ideas. For me life is a journey and I am constantly reminded that life is too short to dwell on small matters. As much as I would love to live “in the moment” the reality of everyday living does catch up on me and I have to find different outlets daily to get through the day. This is where my love of art, music, nature and food comes in. I love seeing or hearing things that are nostalgic – especially things that remind me of my childhood (and how easy life was back then!).

I currently reside in Perth, Western Australia and am working on starting up my own design label. I’m also addicted to Pinterest.

Sibby. Hello, I’m Sibby. I’m the crazy kid next door that set fireworks off in your rubbish bin last night.

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